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Laser Techniques Company, LLC (LTC) is a privately held company that was formed in January of 2001 by James and Laura Doyle. The company is based in Redmond, Washington - roughly a 30-minute drive from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and downtown Seattle.


"To provide our customers with cost-effective solutions to challenging measurement and inspection applications - to help ensure the safe operation and extend the useful life of high-value and safety-critical components."

Company Profile

Laser Techniques Company, LLC (LTC) supplies laser-based measurement systems to customers worldwide in the defense, aerospace, and energy industries. LTC specializes in the development of automated, high-resolution laser-based sensors and systems adapted to specific customer needs. LTC's innovative solutions have been applied to applications as diverse as thruster chip detection for the space shuttle and underwater mapping of nuclear steam generator tube piping.

The technical staff at LTC have pioneered the development of non-contact, laser-based measurement, inspection and alignment systems for both government and commercial applications for over 20 years.


James Doyle

James Doyle

Founder and President

James Doyle has pioneered the development of non-contact laser-based measurement, alignment and inspection products and systems for both government and commercial applications for over 25 years.

Mr. Doyle received his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Washington and is the founding Chairman of the Laser Methods - Technical and Education & Qualification Committees for the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT).

He was awarded the ASNT 2000 Fellowship Lifetime Achievement Award for his leadership and innovative work in laser-based nondestructive testing.

Mike Brinkman

Mike Brinkman

Chief Technical Officer

Michael Brinkman has led the development of novel laser-diode based technologies for more than 18 years, developing cost-effective solutions for both government and commercial customers.

His primary areas of product development include laser triangulation mapping systems, semiconductor lasers and laser arrays, optical wavelength converters and amplifiers, and laser-based displays.

Mr. Brinkman received his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering at the University of California at Irvine, and his MBA from Santa Clara University.