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BEMIS™ — Today, more than ever, end-users and manufacturers of high-performance gun tubes need reliable and quantitative measurement and inspection tools. Laser Techniques has developed a full line of laser-based bore mapping systems that provide an enormous improvement in data quality over outdated air gauges, mechanical gauges and optical bore scopes.

Laser Techniques Company provides standard products and custom systems for a variety of defense-related measurement and inspection needs. Many of our laser mapping systems are now in use by the US Army, Navy, and Air Force. Whether the application is for re

search and development of periodic condition monitoring of operational systems, our products provide quantitative, high-resolution and accurate results.

Product Caliber Bore (in mm) Stationary or Portable
BEMIS-SC™ Small 5.56 - 12.7 Stationary
BEMIS-MC™ Medium 12.7 - 76 Both
BEMIS-T™ Mortars/Tubes 60 - 120 Stationary
BEMIS LC™ Large 105/120/155 Both


Software — LTC produces a full line of custom software designed to work with the rich data created by the BEMIS™ systems:


Partners in Defense




3D Image of 155mm Gun Bore


BEMIS™ with Guide Tube Adapter Conducting Inspection












LTC's BEMIS™ Bore Inspection System supported by our LaserViewer™ data acquisition and analysis software provides a superior alternative to conventional gauges. Our laser profiling sensors have significantly larger measurement ranges than air gauges and star gauges, can rapidly scan the entire gun tube surface in a non-contact manner, generating a high-resolution, three-dimensional image that is quantitative and accurate.







BEMIS™ 155mm Laser Scanning Assembly Conducting Inspection Inside Gun Tube















Severe Bore Erosion in 120mm Gun Tube




These laser sensors project a tiny laser beam onto the part surface and can acquire thousands of samples per scan. Data can be evaluated using our LaserViewer™ analysis software or our LaserViewer 3D™ visualization and analysis software. Test results can also be automatically post-processed and displayed in a tabular summary report.

Bore mapping results are provided in several operator-friendly formats, including:

  • Contour view display of the full bore length
  • Cross sectional display of the bore at any axial location
  • 3D Image
  • Tabular summary

Key advantages of laser mapping include:

  • Non-contact measurement
  • Automated data acquisition
  • Interchangeable sensors
  • Full-featured analysis and reporting functions
  • Quick changeover to new barrels
  • Complete surface characterization
  • Full-length bore mapping
  • Photograph-quality bore and chamber image using LaserVideo™ imaging